Thursday, 21 June 2012

Last night...

My friend Kirsty came over, she's visiting me from Holland.

She's a classic Dutch - stunning, athletic build, fabulous pert tits and blonde hair that just grazes her perfect pink nipples.

We'd had a few drinks and Kirsty came back to my place with my equally filthy friend, Donna.

Kirsty was changing into her night dress when I took one look at her bare pussy right in front of me and immediately began kissing her. Kirsty returned the favour and reached down to start unzipping my pants. Breaking away from my kiss, she moved down to my huge 34 DD tits, licking my hard nipples, but I couldn't get her pussy from my mind.  I just had to lick her clit, making her to moan with pleasure. She reached down and pressed my hungry face deeper into her cunt.

Donna couldn't bare to just watch any longer, she joined in and took over licking Kirsty's now sodden pussy, sticking her fingers in her hot, warm hole. Kirsty screamed as she came, and even more as Donna swallowed her juices.

I pulled Donna on top of me, rubbing our big, heavy breasts against each other sending waves of pleasure through our bodies. I moved down her body and start sucking on her nipples harder and harder, biting and teasing, watching her moan with every nibble. Kirsty was fingering herself now, watching us, her cum leaking onto her thighs as she rubbed herself with the anticipation of Donna and me fucking.

I got up and knelt on all fours, wiggling my naked, hot body in Donna's face. She stuck her tongue into my cunt with such conviction I nearly exploded. First she circled my clit, then fucked me as hard as she could with her tongue, rubbing my crotch from behind.

Kirsty reached up to me and slid one her perfect long fingers in my tight, tidy ass hole. I was screaming and biting Kirsty's perfect pert tits, the pleasure was just too much. Within minutes I was convulsing so hard I just had to come. I exploded, moaning and writhing, my cum drenching Donna's face, making her scream out for more. She loved eating my pussy so much.

I laid back, chest heaving, my pussy pulsating. I needed a moment to recover, but just as I turned round I caught Donna and Kirsty going at it again! These girls are crazy, cum loving bitches!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Confessions of a sex addict....My first time

Hi, I'm Sarah. My friends at work call me Sarah Suckmore. That might give you an idea of what I do.

I'm a college graduate and I love sucking cock. I think about it constantly and I want to get my fill as often as I can.

I have a one track mind and am constantly looking for a new man to get me excited and to indulge me in my sexual fantasies.

It all started when I was just 18...

I was a secretary on my first job, working for a man I was hugely intimidated by. He was gorgeous! He was married but still very flirtatious, I found it infuriatingly sexy.

In the beginning it was just friendly hugging, then he would touch my ass and tell me how pretty I was and that he'd fantasised about fucking me. He made me horny as hell so I gave in and we kissed.  He started lifting up my shirt and fondling my tits, then he started sucking my nipples. By then I was so wet!  He unzipped my skirt and pulled down my panties, letting them fall to the floor, he started fingering me.  He started off slowly and then began increasing his speed.....OH GOD it felt so good!  In moments I was coming and trying not to scream.

A few days later he invited me into his office and bent me over his desk. His thick cock felt so good in my tight wet pussy.  He thrust his hard cock into me, at first slowly then getting faster and faster. We both came right there on his desk, his cum filling up my pulsating pussy.

Over the next couple of weeks we continued to fuck wildly and often, I wanted it ALL the time. I would start off by sucking him until he was crying out for me to let him slide it into my cunt. He would cum in me everytime and in every position, he would fuck me in the ass and in my pussy every chance he got. Every time was like the first time. We fucked anywhere that was available, in his office, on his desk, on the floor, motel rooms, his place, his car, bathrooms at work. He would suck and lick my wet pussy like it was the end of the world, always making me cum. He was even bold enough to fuck me and eat my pussy at his house in the bathroom while his wife was making dinner for them both.

And that was that, I've been hooked ever since!

Are you a sex addict? How did you get hooked? Was it as sexy as my first time?