Sunday, 28 October 2012

Swim anyone?

I've always found swimming naked highly arousing.  Whether or not I am in the company of anyone else doesn't really make that much of a difference to me.  It is the sensation of the water gently moving against my naked pussy, stimulating my lips and brushing against my clit. My cunt tingles as my legs move, creating a gentle current. I always use breaststroke when I swim. It feels good to part my legs in the water. 

The stimulation doesn't stop at this though, the cool water makes the skin on my breasts tighten and contract.  My nipples feel hard and overly sensitive.  Tits always look sexy and firm in the water. 

If I am in the company of anyone during a naked swim sex is always 100% guaranteed. It happens.  Its impossible to avoid.  Gleaming water droplets covering a tight arse cheek (man's or woman's), a trickle of water down a man's chest when he stands wet, facing you.  These are images that it is in our very nature to want so there's no point trying to fight it.  If I'm swimming naked with you, you can bet your arse I'll fuck you.  If I'm alone, I just spend some quality time pleasuring myself.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Good times...

Even though I get more sex than most people do, I still like to pleasure myself every now and then. This morning I woke up feeling really horny - I think I might have been dreaming about sex because I have a vague memory of sucking cock and almost cumming. It was probably the fact that I didn't manage to cum in my sleep that caused me to feel so aroused as soon as I awoke.

I thought about sliding my fingers between my legs and gently rubbing my pussy, but then it would have all been over so fast and I like to make these moments last. So I remained in bed and let my mind wander to all things sexy... I thought about some of my better clients of late, of the ways they've fucked me and the ways they've sucked me. The way they hold my wrists in their strong hands as they thrust their huge hard cocks into me.

I thought about the guy who recently started working at my local off license. I fantasised about him licking my pussy and bringing me to orgasm with just the gentle probing of his wet tongue and his fingers on my nipples. Then I let my mind wander to my favourite lesbian fantasies... Catching a glimpse of another girl's erect nipples through her top, exposing my bare pussy to the girl next door by laying on my bed with my legs apart when I know she's looking out her window (our bedroom windows face each other so every now and then I put on a little show for her), fingering myself in front of another woman and licking pussy.

After thinking about all of this my cunt is practically dripping and my nipples are tingling. I feel as though I could cum from the lightest touch. I slip from my silky sheets and head for the shower. The hot water washes over me and I watch the droplets running down my skin, over the curve of my breasts and nipples, down my stomach to my pussy. By now it really is too much. I take the shower head in my hand and begin to move the spray down my body until the water is pelting against my clit.

My whole body begins to tingle and my nipples are so hard they almost hurt. I press my tits against the cool glass wall of the shower and hold the head even closer so that it is now pressed against my pussy and I begin to slide it up and down so that my clit is stimulated by the motion and the pressure, and by the heat of the water. It doesn't take long for me to cum over and over again. My body convulsing as the moans escape my mouth. I slowly relax the pressure on my clit as I feel it pulsing even after the throws of my orgasm. I let my body slide to the floor of the shower and smile to myself. This is a very nice way to start the day.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Another sex filled week for me!

Well, business is still booming.  Yes, another very busy week has been had so far, and I have a very busy weekend in store for me, too.  I'm not complaining - I really do love it.

This week I've had a threesome with a married couple, a bit of bondage with a local politician, dirty talk with a GP, a lesbian session with a very sexy lady, a hammering from a really fat guy, and a sweet encounter with a teenage virgin, just to name a few!

I think my favourite of the week would have to be the threesome. I love doing it with two people at once, and especially when one of them is a woman.  I'm not a lesbian per se, but I do love a bit of girl on girl action.  I get great pleasure from just seeing another girl's pussy.  They are all so different and it is sexy to see those differences and compare another girl's pussy with mine.  I'm also a total boob girl. I love the warmth and softness of breasts, the gentle stiffness of an erect nipple, the feel of that nipple on my tongue.  I can feel myself getting a little bit tingly around my pussy just writing this!

Anyway, the great thing about a threesome with a man and a woman is that you not only get to experience all the sexy benefits of a naked lady, but you can lick out a woman and get fucked by a man at the same time!  Heaven.

As you are well aware by now, I love being fucked, I love sucking hot, hard cocks and I love it when I'm fucked by more than one person.  Another thing I love (and I think I may have written about this before) is licking a warm, dripping cunt while a man fucks me from behind and then cums all over my arse.  Again, I'm getting tingly just thinking and writing about this stuff....I might have to sign off now and think about this some more while sliding my fingers over and around my clit.  I'm feeling so wet now....

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Love Beads

The past week has been a very busy time for me.  I've had client after client after client.  On Wednesday I could barely sit down after having been fucked by 4 massive cocks in one day.  My poor pussy was so swollen and red.  Lucky for me my last client of the evening was one who only ever wants to go down on me.  He gently kissed and licked my tender lips until soothed.

Thankfully all was calm and back to normal by Thursday....I had a brand new client due in the evening.  He was into toys....we had a great time playing around with vibrators, cock rings, beads and a fake pussy!  At one point I had my face in the fake pussy and the love beads inside my pussy, while he was fucking me up the arse.  In all honesty, I have to say that I had an amazing time!  I especially enjoyed the beads.  I've used them before, but mostly when I'm alone.  Occasionally I use them when I'm out in public, but rarely have I used them whilst also being fucked.  It's insane pleasure.

I love the feel of the beads, not only inside me but also in between the lips of my pussy.  The cool sensation of the silver beads against the hot wetness of my cunt drives me wild.  The pressure of the beads rubbing against my clit while simultaneously moving up and down in my cunt makes me cum so quickly.

I thought I'd include a picture for you.....