Friday, 31 August 2012


I'm an exhibitionist.  I get great enjoyment out of flashing my tits and pussy at strangers in public places.  I like to wear short dresses and very high heels.  I don't  wear any panties or a bra, and I spend a lot of time bending over in front of people, or sitting in front of people and parting my legs so that my bare pussy is on display.

My pussy is small, compact, and totally hairless.  My outer lips are fair, like the rest of my body and the folds of flesh inside those lips are juicy and ruby coloured. My pussy gets wet very easily. Just the thought that the people opposite me can see my cunt gets my juices flowing and causes my nipples to grow hard.

My tits are large, round and soft.  My nipples are small, perfectly centred and pink.  They are erect a lot of the time.  I like wearing see through tops and dresses, so the darkness of my nipples can be seen through my clothing.  Sometimes in public places I've purposely spilt water down the front of myself so that my nipples can be seen through the material even more clearly. 

I take pleasure in the way men and women stare at me.  I can see the men's cocks growing hard under their jeans.  I notice the women's nipples stiffen and press against their clothes.  This gives me a warm feeling in my pussy.  My clit tingles and I can't help but spread my legs even further so that the soft, pale lips are parted and my hot, wet cunt can be seen.

Sometimes I get so turned on I need to touch myself.  I rest my hand at the top of my thigh, parting my legs further still, and then begin to lightly run my finger up and down the length of my insatiable pussy.  I use my other hand to push the strap of my dress off my shoulder and I let the dress drop so that the top of my nipple can be glimpsed. 

I continue to stroke my cunt a little longer and then I slowly draw my hand away.   I sit like that for a moment, my legs apart with my pussy and nipple on display.  Then I leave. I stand and walk away, knowing that all eyes are on me.  I can't wait to get home to my vibrators and beads......I need to finish myself off and I have a selection of sexy toys to use on myself.......But that's another story.......

Friday, 24 August 2012

Fucking with food....

Sometimes when I eat certain foods I think about the various ways in which they can be used during sex.  There are people I know who get very excited at the prospect of using food for increased sexual pleasure.  I don't mind the odd bit of food play, as long as its tasteful.

There is a man likes to cover my body in warm melted chocolate and slowly lick it from my skin.  He begins by smearing it over my naked stomach.  He starts at the top, by my ribcage, and he slides his chocolate coated fingers slowly down towards my pussy.

He slowly and gently flicks his tongue over my chocolate covered skin, down my rib cage, over my belly button, until I'm licked clean and I can feel the heat of his breath by my cunt.  He dips his finger in the chocolate again and then slides it inside me, coating the walls of my cunt with sweet, dripping chocolate.  He lowers his mouth to the lips of my pussy and gently sucks and probes, tasting the chocolate and causing me to get wetter and wetter, until I have to have him inside me. I pull him upwards, by the shoulders, so that we are face to face, and wrap my legs around his hips.  He enters me with his hot, hard cock....

Cream.  Smooth and cool on your skin, it feels and tastes delicious.  A gentleman I regularly meet for sex occasionally likes to introduce various items during foreplay.  He doesn't always use food, but when he does he uses it in a way that makes me think about fucking him almost every time I eat, especially when I'm eating something with cream.

I think about the way he slowly drizzles ice cold cream onto my hard, hot nipples and then licks it off with his warm, wet tongue making me moan with pleasure.  He lets the cool cream drip over my pussy.  The thick white liquid oozing between the folds of pink flesh, rivulets of cream caressing my cunt.  As the cream mixes with the juices of my pussy he slides his throbbing cock deep inside me and thrusts until his own juices are released and mixed with the creamy pussy juice.

I guess I get more excited at the thought of food during sex than I first realised.  Just writing about these hot encounters has made my nipples hard and clit tingle.....

Friday, 17 August 2012


Bondage.  Imprisonment, captivity, confinement, servitude, enslavement, enthralment.  Bondage is brilliant.  It's exciting, it's empowering and it's something I am paid very well for.  I could never allow a client to "perform" the act on me.  I couldn't put myself in such a vulnerable situation, however I have no problem enslaving a man.  Some of them want to be tied up and fucked, some want to be handcuffed and spanked, some want to be chained and whipped.

I know of one man who likes to have his wrists and ankles tied to the bed posts.  He likes to be laid out like a starfish.  In addition to the wrists and ankles being tied up, he also likes to be gagged and blindfolded.  Naked.  My role is to torment him.  I begin by softly flicking the tips of his toes with my tongue and then slowly sliding over the top of his feet towards his ankles.  From there I trace my tongue up his leg, slowing as I reach his groin.  The bonds that hold his ankles and wrists in place mean that his legs are stretched apart.  I lick his balls, take them in my mouth and very, very gently suck for a moment before releasing.  I take his massive cock in my mouth and slide up and down but every time he starts to convulse in a prelude to cuming I move away....I do this for an hour.....I torment him and I never let him cum.

I know of another man who insists on wearing a mask.  You know the type I mean, the leather and the zips...He needs me to burn his nipples with the melting wax of a burning candle.  I have to let it drip slowly, allowing him to savour each and every fiery droplet.  His nipples immediately redden, tightening and contracting.  I continue to drip the hot wax over him until both nipples are encased.  Then I move the candle slowly down his body towards his hard, throbbing cock.  I let the burning liquid fall over his sensitive skin.  He howls in pain and eventually cums.  His hot semen mixing with the even hotter wax.

My favourite bondage man is the one who likes to keep it simple.  He just wants a bit of domination - nothing too serious or naughty.  I loosely tie his wrists but I leave his legs free.  He isn't blindfolded or gagged.  Just gently restrained.  He prefers to lay on his stomach and I begin by gently licking his arse.  I press my tongue between his cheeks and feel for his tight arsehole.  He will usually start to wriggle, as if he doesn't want me to press any any harder. But I'm persistent, I know he really does want me to lick his arsehole, to force my tongue inside.

I probe deeper, I can feel the tight muscles begin to give way to my firm tongue.  I feel the heat and the softness of the inside of his arsehole.  His body stiffens and I suddenly withdraw my tongue and roughly shove my finger where my tongue had just been.  My saliver has left it moist and my finger slides in. I probe and I stroke until I feel the softness of his G-spot....He cums with such force I can feel his arsehole contracting around my finger.  The sheet beneath him growing wetter and warmer.

Duress, subjugation, serfdom, subjection, thraldom, bondage.  Brilliant.

Thursday, 16 August 2012


One of my most recent sexual encounters, not related to work as such, took place in a public toilet, the kind with one lavatory and one stall.  I was looking out my bedroom window, watching a construction crew across the street.  They were digging up part of the road for some reason.  They were all quite muscular and were working with their shirts off.  After a little while they noticed me watching them from my window and started making catcalls and a few jeers, but I wasn't bothered.  I was interested in one of them in particular.

He was gorgeous with a golden tan, defined muscles, firm looking arse, golden curly hair and a strong rugged face.  He kept glancing my way as I continued to watch him work.  That went on for a few days.  I started waving to him when the crew arrived in the mornings, and watched him as often as I could.  Whenever I drove past him on my way home I'd wave and he'd wave back and give me a wink.

Finally, last Friday he stopped my car and asked me my name.  I told him and he told me his was Leon.  I then suggested lunch and agreed to meet in a little cafe down the road. Lunch was nice, but it was hard to focus on the food with Leon in front of me.  I was really turned on by this guy and started squirming in my seat as I felt my wetness start to spread.  He leaned forward a little and I felt his hand under the table, sliding up my thigh towards my juicy wetness.  His hand just reached my wet cunt and he stroked his fingertips along it.

I gave up trying to concentrate on the meal and suggested we go back to my place via the "back way" (which is a long deserted hallway where the toilets are).  I stopped in front of the ladies room and told him I was going in - I couldn't wait any longer.  Quickly we entered the stall, kissing and fondling each other.  He turned me around, lifted my skirt and pulled his cock from his pants.  From behind he slid his cock around my crack and over and around my juicy cunt.  I was bent over with one hand on my knee and one hand on the wall and I could barely stand the excitement, knowing that at any second he was going to plunge his thick throbbing cock into my willing, wet pussy.

Finally he stuck it in. It was ecstasy.  He pumped and ground in a circular motion and then changed suddenly to hard thrusts.  It didn't take long for us both to cum as he was stroking my clit the whole time he was fucking me.  We shuddered as our bodies stiffened and our backs arched as we both groaned with pleasure.  Silent except for hour heavy breathing, we began to dress each other, caressing and lingering.  He kissed me gratefully and then walked me to my car with a lusty look in his eyes that promised more delicious lunches.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Good Client....

There are clients who are particularly attractive and there is one particular client who is very well endowed.  He’s sexy.

When I wrap my hand around his hard on I can feel the heat radiating from his skin.  I can feel the pulse of the thick vein that runs the length of his throbbing prick.  He’s always hard, even after he fucks me.  His cock is like a steal rod.

When he wants to see me we meet at a restaurant and he buys me dinner.  We eat, we drink wine and then he takes me to a hotel.  The room is always luxurious.  Once there he pours me a drink.   Usually a glass of champagne, sometimes white wine.  As I sip my drink he begins to unbutton his shirt.  My eyes follow his fingers down his body.  He slips the shirt from his broad shoulders and then unbuttons and unzips he jeans.

As he steps out of the denim, his long, thick cock presses against the fabric of his boxer shorts.  The slippery hot pre-cum soaking through the tight white cotton of the shorts.  He runs his fingers up the length of it and peels back the material revealing the smooth skin.  Placing my glass on the table, I begin to undress myself.  I remove my dress, and I’m wearing nothing underneath. 

As the cool air settles on my naked skin, I feel my nipples tighten, erect and red.  I have allowed my legs to draw apart and can feel the air on my pussy as well.  My lips are slightly parted and the moist folds of my cunt are tingling. 

Finally he is touching me.  His strong fingers firmly grasp my wrist as he guides me to the bed.   I lay back and he kneels on the floor in front of me with his head between my legs.  He slides his tongue lightly up the length of my pussy, starting at my arse and ending above my clit.  He repeats this action a few more times and then slips his tongue inside my pussy, fucking me with his mouth.  Just to make sure I cum, he tickles my clit with his fingers, increasing the pressure until I’m moaning and thrusting uncontrollably.

By now I desperately need to feel his solid cock inside me and I pull him up my body, so that we are face to face, his cock against my wet cunt.  His muscular chest pressing against my tits.  I love the feel of his hot breath in my face and on my throat.  I can feel him pressing his cock against me as the tip of his long, thick prick finally enters me.  He thrusts hard and I can feel the girth of his dick stretching my cunt, forcing my lips apart.  I can feel his balls slapping against my arse. 

He fucks me like this for a while.  I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter.  His cock slides more easily in and out and then he slows down, grips my arms and rolls us over.  Now he is on his back and I am straddling him.  I grind my cunt against his pubic bone, stimulating my clit, and he reaches up and strokes my nipples as his hips gyrate.  Faster and faster we move, his cock deep inside me, my clit pressed hard against him. 

We change positions again.  This time I am on my knees and he is behind me.   He fucks me hard and fast.  His hands hold my hips and I stick my arse into the air.  His balls hit my clit this time, stimulating me just enough to bring me to orgasm again.  I moan with pleasure as he thrusts faster and faster until he shoots his load deep inside me. 

I leave the hotel with a smile on my face.