Sunday, 23 December 2012

Santa's Little Helper

I was recently invited to a fancy-dress Christmas party.  The invitation was from a client, so it wasn't a social event for me, it's just all a part of the job :)  He asked me to wear a sexy Santa outfit, so of course I obliged. 

The party was in a very plush apartment, and the majority of the guests were men. Anyway, the party was fun. The apartment was gorgeous and very festively decorated.  There was an abundance of alcohol, tasty Christmas party food, and great music.  A little into the party, once everyone had mingled and had a few drinks, my date asked me to accompany him out onto the balcony.

We stepped out into the crisp night air and took in a breathtaking view of the city below us.  I was only wearing my little sexy Santa outfit, so I was a little chilly at first, but my sexy date soon took care of that....
First he just stood behind me, with his arms around me.  I could feel his body pressing against mine, the heat of his firm cock pushing against my arse.  I couldn't help but press my arse against his cock.  It wasn't long before he began to caress my breasts, his fingers slipping under the top of my low-cut Santa dress, brushing against my hard nipples. 

He pulled the top of my dress down further so that my tits were exposed to the cold air and he turned me around so we were facing each other.  The party was still in full swing on the other side of the glass doors separating us from the rest of the party.  With my tits on display I demanded he suck and lick them for  me.  I was hoping we could be seen, but I'm not 100% sure if anyone was able to see us. I like to think someone did.

Soon I was on my knees, his hard rod in my mouth.  His hips moved back and forth as he fucked my mouth.  His cock hitting the back of my throat with every thrust.  The salty taste of his semen mixing with my saliver.  Before I knew it, he had me facing the other way and was pulling down my knickers.  I bent over and he fucked me hard from behind.  This was one of the sexiest fucks I've ever had.  The sounds from the streets below, the noise from the party, the cool wind whipping against our bodies, and the possibility that other people could be watching was some kind of sexy sensory overload. I came almost immediately, and it wasn't long before he followed suit and I could feel his hot cum pumping into me.

Once we straightened ourselves up a bit, we rejoined the party.  I had a few more drinks, and shortly after I made my way home.  I was still feeling a little sexy after the balcony sex, so when I arrived home I couldn't help but lay naked on my cool sheets and gently run my fingers over my nipples and my wet pussy.  I slipped two fingers inside myself while I used the fingers on my other hand to rub against my clit. It felt hot and very, very wet. I was practically dripping.  I could feel the stickiness of my dates cum inside me.  My nipples began to tingle as my whole body shuddered and I came again, and again....

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Party No. 1

On Friday night I attended a client's company Christmas party.  The party was held at a very nice London hotel.  The food was just amazing.  The wine was of the finest quality.  The post party sex was even better.  My date had us booked into a lovely suite at the hotel, and it wasn't long before we left the party for some fun of our own.

As soon as we were in our suite I was naked and on my knees, sucking his cock.  I could feel his hips thrusting as I took him deeper and deeper into my throat.  Just as he sounded like he might be about to cum, I slowed down and stopped.  I let his slippery cock slide over my tits as I stood and then I turned around and bent over, inviting him to fuck me from behind. 

We fucked for a while in this position until he withdrew his throbbing cock.  I turned to face him and before I knew it, I was on my back on the soft king size bed, being fucked hard by him once again.  We fucked like this for hours.  By the time we stopped fucking my pussy was swollen and red, but it didn't end there....

We slept briefly before deciding to take a shower together.  The hot soapy water was such a turn on for us both, we fucked again and again and again.  I'm looking forward to the next Christmas party!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

It's Party Season!

I love this time of year. I look forward to the change in weather, the excuse to buy new clothes and sexy Christmassy lingerie, and I especially love the Christmas parties.

A lot of my clients are business men and often they pay me to attend parties and dinners with them. It's brilliant!  I love an excuse to dress up, to meet new people, to eat good food and to drink good wine.  These kinds of parties take place in lovely hotels and most of the time my "date" has a room or suite there. As you would expect, as the evening comes to an end we make our way upstairs and get up to all sorts naughtiness....

Some of the suites have the most amazing bathrooms with huge bath tubs that easily and very comfortably fit two, or even three, party-goers. 

Sometimes they have enormous beds with soft sheets and feather pillows. Perfect for slow, sensuous sex that goes on until the sun comes up.

Some of the hotels have THE most well stocked mini bars I've ever seen.  Ideal for getting lashed with a regular client and having wild sex all over the hotel (yes, the hotel - not just the suite).

Watch this space for my festive updates x

Sunday, 2 December 2012


About half of all my clients are men who are quite a lot older than me.  The oldest one must be in his late seventies and he's still very smooth and really quite sexy.

I was about nineteen the first time I found myself attracted to an older man.  He was my friend's stepfather.  Her name was Christy.  We did everything together, including our first girl on girl sexual experiences.  Her brother, Cam, spent a lot of time with us too.  I gave my first blow job to him.  But it was the sexy stepfather that I really wanted.

Christy and I met at school, and hit it off instantly.  She was stunning, with long blond hair, big blue eyes, full pink lips, and very nice tits.  Like me, she never wore a bra to school.  This is because our school shirts were very tight, white and quite thin which meant we were two very sexy school girls with our firm, young tits pressing against our tight shirts.  The darker circles of our nipples clearly visible to all of those horny older men. 

I started going to her house quite a lot after school.  They had a games room, with a bar, and an indoor swimming pool.  Often we would sneak away from school early and go to her place. We'd head straight for the bar and games room and pour ourselves generous drinks.  Then we'd play strip-pool.  Whoever lost had to remove two items of clothing.  It wasn't long before a lot of flesh was on display.  We were never really wearing much to start with.  I just loved being naked at her house. I knew her step dad could arrive home at any time, and this really excited me.

The white shirts would always come off first, so we'd be playing topless pool.  I enjoyed the sensation of my tits against the fabric of the pool table when I bent over to take a shot.  I always noticed that when I was bending over like this, Christy would often stand behind me.  I could feel her eyes on me.  My skirt was very short, and I was bent over so that my arse and the mound from the lips of my pussy could be seen.  I wore knickers at first, but they were always very sexy ones, You know, sheer lace or even a very sheer netting, so more of me could be seen.  I always wore a very flimsy thong so that my pussy lips could be seen as the thong would be mostly between them, instead of covering them.

But it wouldn't be too long before I lost another game and had to remove another item of clothing.  Those sexy knickers would go next.  Now my friend would be looking at my naked, wet pussy when I bent over to take a shot.  It was usually around this time that I could hear her father arriving home.  It would be dark by then, and we'd have the lights on, but we always left the curtains open.  Anyone standing outside would be able to see in, but we wouldn't be able to see out very well.

I knew he was watching us from the window.  As often as I could I would bend over to take my shot, knowing he would see my nipples bush the pool table or my pink pussy, depending on the end of the pool table I was taking my shot from.  As naughty as it sounds, I did wonder if he was watching Christy as well.  They weren't actually related, so it wasn't totally implausible.

Soon we would both be completely naked, a little drunk and a lot turned on. We'd finally hear Christy's step father open and close the front door, his footsteps down the hall as he walked toward the games room.  Neither of us would make a move to dress.  We'd just carry on playing naked pool while he entered the room, made himself a drink and watched us play.  This made me so horny.  I could the wetness of my pussy.  I imagined it glistening in the light, inviting his cool fingers, warm tongue and hot, throbbing cock to come closer.

Christy and I would giggle and flirt with each other and with him.  I could the outline of his cock through his trousers as he grew harder.  Sometimes, I felt his fingers lightly touch my cunt, the tips only just parting my lips, as I bent forward to line up a shot.  He never put them in any further.  By the end of the evening I would be so desperate to be touched. I could almost orgasm just by walking and bending over.  I would lay on my back on the pool table with my legs apart and and my fingers on my pussy until both he and Christy would join in and gently touch and lick my cunt.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Dinner followed by a very tasty dessert

I was having dinner last night at a lovely restaurant not far from my place.  I was there with my friend Suzy.  As soon as we arrived I immediately spotted the two very sexy young men seated at the table next to ours.  It wasn't long before they introduced themselves, and we spent the evening eating, drinking and enjoying the company of these two handsome boys.

Once the plates were cleared from our tables we decided to order some more drinks before attempting dessert.  Feeling slightly drunk already, I decided to take a trip to the ladies room to freshen up.  I was only through the door when suddenly one of the guys from the table next to us entered the room.

At first I thought he must have mistaken the ladies for the gents, but he made it very clear that was not what had  occurred.  He told me that he had followed me in. He said that he found it hard to concentrate on the food and conversation earlier, because all he could think about was how badly he wanted my full lips around his hard, throbbing cock.  Naturally I obliged....

We entered one of the toilet stalls and I knelt in front of him.  Slowly I unzipped his jeans and eased them down a little.  I could tell straight away that he had a massive cock.  I pulled down his tight boxers so that I could see it properly, standing to attention, then I slid it into my mouth.  Moving my mouth up and down the length of his cock, I relaxed my throat so I could take the full length of this glorious cock.  As I moved my mouth back I gently flicked my tongue around the head.  I did this slowly for a while, and then I moved fast, sucking and tickling that hard rod, allowing my spit to mix with his salty juices so his cock was almost dripping with moisture.  All of a sudden I felt his cum explode into my mouth and throat. I swallowed and drank it, tasting and savouring every last drop.

Once back at the table, it was Suzy's turn to take a trip to the ladies room.  She was soon followed by our other gentleman friend....

Friday, 16 November 2012

Today is one of those days

As much as I love sex (and you know I do because its all I write about!), there are days when everyone feels a little unsexy and is perhaps not so in the mood for it.  My day today started out as one of those days.  I woke up with a headache, I'd had a very long day the day before and  I must have seen at least 15 clients.  I was feeling pretty exhausted this morning and was glad to have a day off from it all.  But by the time I had showered and had my coffee, I was beginning to think that maybe I was feeling just a little bit sexy.  And so now, here I am feeling a little bit sexy but I'm all alone....I'd love to have a man here with me now.  Someone to keep me warm, to caress my skin, to kiss my lips, to gently lick my nipples and to fill  my pussy with his long, hard cock....

Friday, 9 November 2012

I Was Made For Fucking

I was made for fucking.  Everywhere I go and in everything I do sex just happens. Clearly it makes sense that this is my chosen career path, but it’s also my hobby and it’s my fortune.  Anyway, as I was saying, sex just seems to follow me around.  This morning I had to visit the doctor and things got a little steamy…. It’s important in my line of work to have regular check-ups, so I’ve come to know my doctor quite well.  Lucky for me he’s sexy as hell.

As I arrived at the surgery I noticed that, for once, it was actually quiet and the waiting area was almost empty.  I sat down and began to read my book.  The book I’m reading is actually a bit steamy (I’m sure you’ve heard of it – everyone seems to be talking about Fifty Shades of Grey).  The book is arousing, and as I read on I could feel that familiar tingle in my pussy.  I was also starting to sweat a little and then the receptionist noticed me wipe the beads of sweat from my upper lip and offered to turn on the air-conditioning. 

Once the room began to cool I noticed my nipples were beginning to harden and push against the thin silk of my blouse.  I wasn’t wearing a bra, so my nipples were now quite visible through my top.  I kept catching the receptionist looking at my tits, which excited me a little, so I began to undo the first few buttons some cleavage was also visible. 

It didn’t take long for her to come over to where I was sitting. She was straightening up the magazines on the table next to me, and I could see that her nipples were nice and hard as well.  As she bent forward I glimpsed the pink tips.  I could feel my pussy begin to moisten, and it wasn’t long before the doctor called me to come into his office.  I stood and smiled at the receptionist as I caught her staring at my breasts again.  She blushed and smiled back.

I entered the small office and was greeted by the very sexy smile of Dr Fox.  Immediately he suggested I remove my clothes and lay on the couch for a thorough examination.  I did as requested and began to undo the remainder of the buttons on my blouse until my full and firm tits spilled out. I couldn’t’ help but notice Dr Fox’s sudden intake of breath as he took in the view.

Next I undid my short skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor.  At the same time I slipped the blouse from my shoulders, so now I was standing in nothing but a little white lace thong.  Dr Fox took a step forward and began to pull my panties down over my thighs. As he did so, he bent his knees so that once my thong was around my ankles, his face was in line with my pussy.  I could feel his hot breath for a few moments before he stood up again and gestured towards the couch.

I climbed onto the couch and lay on my back, my legs just slightly parted.  The doctor stood at the end of the bed and began to part my legs further.  Soon he had a very good view of my naked pussy, all wet and glistening, waiting to be touched.  I heard him unzip his trousers but he didn’t climb on to me just yet.  Instead he lightly slipped his fingers inside me and fingered me for a few minutes.  I started moaning with pleasure and soon felt his breath against my thigh and then against my lips, and then I could feel his tongue gently licking me while his fingers glided in and out.

He always makes me cum this way, and once I had, he climbed onto the bed and pushed his hot, hard cock into me.  He fucked me gently and slowly to start with, but soon we were both so horny the thrusting began to quicken, until we were really going for it.  Our breathing was hard, our moans were getting louder.  I imagine the receptionist and anyone else in the waiting area, could probable hear us by now.

The thrusting got harder and faster until we both came in unison.  I felt his hot cum pumping into me as my pussy contracted, almost drawing him in further, until finally we both relaxed.  My “check-up” was done.  Dr Fox removed himself from my wet cunt and I stood and dressed, and then left, feeling happy, warm and very relaxed.

To me there are no negatives when it comes to fucking.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Anal beads...

Out of all the different things I've done sexually, both for work and pleasure, I had never used anal beads until today.  They were fun! If you’re new to anal sex or you’re looking for an entirely new anal sensation, bum beads are the way forward.

Anal beads are a great way to experience anal sex slowly and gently. Most anal beads start small and get larger, allowing your arse to adjust to the size. They are smooth, spherical and easy to insert. But most of all, they are an exciting change to standard sex and standard anal sex.

I decided to try them for a bit of fun on my own this morning.  First I got naked and then I smeared a little lube on both the beads and the entrance to my arse.  Slowly I guided the smaller beads in, relaxing my muscles as best I could while the size of the beads increased.  It was a very sexy sensation.  I could feel the sting as my arsehole was stretched so I pushed the beads a little further, which felt even better and made my pussy wet and my nipples hard.

A wet pussy can't be ignored.  I had no choice but to use a vibrator as well.  Soon I had an arse full of beads and a vibrating rubber cock up my cunt.  It really didn't take long for me to cum.  I was a little disappointed that it was all over so quickly, so my plan is to do it all again tonight...

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Swim anyone?

I've always found swimming naked highly arousing.  Whether or not I am in the company of anyone else doesn't really make that much of a difference to me.  It is the sensation of the water gently moving against my naked pussy, stimulating my lips and brushing against my clit. My cunt tingles as my legs move, creating a gentle current. I always use breaststroke when I swim. It feels good to part my legs in the water. 

The stimulation doesn't stop at this though, the cool water makes the skin on my breasts tighten and contract.  My nipples feel hard and overly sensitive.  Tits always look sexy and firm in the water. 

If I am in the company of anyone during a naked swim sex is always 100% guaranteed. It happens.  Its impossible to avoid.  Gleaming water droplets covering a tight arse cheek (man's or woman's), a trickle of water down a man's chest when he stands wet, facing you.  These are images that it is in our very nature to want so there's no point trying to fight it.  If I'm swimming naked with you, you can bet your arse I'll fuck you.  If I'm alone, I just spend some quality time pleasuring myself.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Good times...

Even though I get more sex than most people do, I still like to pleasure myself every now and then. This morning I woke up feeling really horny - I think I might have been dreaming about sex because I have a vague memory of sucking cock and almost cumming. It was probably the fact that I didn't manage to cum in my sleep that caused me to feel so aroused as soon as I awoke.

I thought about sliding my fingers between my legs and gently rubbing my pussy, but then it would have all been over so fast and I like to make these moments last. So I remained in bed and let my mind wander to all things sexy... I thought about some of my better clients of late, of the ways they've fucked me and the ways they've sucked me. The way they hold my wrists in their strong hands as they thrust their huge hard cocks into me.

I thought about the guy who recently started working at my local off license. I fantasised about him licking my pussy and bringing me to orgasm with just the gentle probing of his wet tongue and his fingers on my nipples. Then I let my mind wander to my favourite lesbian fantasies... Catching a glimpse of another girl's erect nipples through her top, exposing my bare pussy to the girl next door by laying on my bed with my legs apart when I know she's looking out her window (our bedroom windows face each other so every now and then I put on a little show for her), fingering myself in front of another woman and licking pussy.

After thinking about all of this my cunt is practically dripping and my nipples are tingling. I feel as though I could cum from the lightest touch. I slip from my silky sheets and head for the shower. The hot water washes over me and I watch the droplets running down my skin, over the curve of my breasts and nipples, down my stomach to my pussy. By now it really is too much. I take the shower head in my hand and begin to move the spray down my body until the water is pelting against my clit.

My whole body begins to tingle and my nipples are so hard they almost hurt. I press my tits against the cool glass wall of the shower and hold the head even closer so that it is now pressed against my pussy and I begin to slide it up and down so that my clit is stimulated by the motion and the pressure, and by the heat of the water. It doesn't take long for me to cum over and over again. My body convulsing as the moans escape my mouth. I slowly relax the pressure on my clit as I feel it pulsing even after the throws of my orgasm. I let my body slide to the floor of the shower and smile to myself. This is a very nice way to start the day.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Another sex filled week for me!

Well, business is still booming.  Yes, another very busy week has been had so far, and I have a very busy weekend in store for me, too.  I'm not complaining - I really do love it.

This week I've had a threesome with a married couple, a bit of bondage with a local politician, dirty talk with a GP, a lesbian session with a very sexy lady, a hammering from a really fat guy, and a sweet encounter with a teenage virgin, just to name a few!

I think my favourite of the week would have to be the threesome. I love doing it with two people at once, and especially when one of them is a woman.  I'm not a lesbian per se, but I do love a bit of girl on girl action.  I get great pleasure from just seeing another girl's pussy.  They are all so different and it is sexy to see those differences and compare another girl's pussy with mine.  I'm also a total boob girl. I love the warmth and softness of breasts, the gentle stiffness of an erect nipple, the feel of that nipple on my tongue.  I can feel myself getting a little bit tingly around my pussy just writing this!

Anyway, the great thing about a threesome with a man and a woman is that you not only get to experience all the sexy benefits of a naked lady, but you can lick out a woman and get fucked by a man at the same time!  Heaven.

As you are well aware by now, I love being fucked, I love sucking hot, hard cocks and I love it when I'm fucked by more than one person.  Another thing I love (and I think I may have written about this before) is licking a warm, dripping cunt while a man fucks me from behind and then cums all over my arse.  Again, I'm getting tingly just thinking and writing about this stuff....I might have to sign off now and think about this some more while sliding my fingers over and around my clit.  I'm feeling so wet now....

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Love Beads

The past week has been a very busy time for me.  I've had client after client after client.  On Wednesday I could barely sit down after having been fucked by 4 massive cocks in one day.  My poor pussy was so swollen and red.  Lucky for me my last client of the evening was one who only ever wants to go down on me.  He gently kissed and licked my tender lips until soothed.

Thankfully all was calm and back to normal by Thursday....I had a brand new client due in the evening.  He was into toys....we had a great time playing around with vibrators, cock rings, beads and a fake pussy!  At one point I had my face in the fake pussy and the love beads inside my pussy, while he was fucking me up the arse.  In all honesty, I have to say that I had an amazing time!  I especially enjoyed the beads.  I've used them before, but mostly when I'm alone.  Occasionally I use them when I'm out in public, but rarely have I used them whilst also being fucked.  It's insane pleasure.

I love the feel of the beads, not only inside me but also in between the lips of my pussy.  The cool sensation of the silver beads against the hot wetness of my cunt drives me wild.  The pressure of the beads rubbing against my clit while simultaneously moving up and down in my cunt makes me cum so quickly.

I thought I'd include a picture for you.....


Friday, 28 September 2012

School Girls...Me and Mercedes

So, I said I'd fill you in on my latest costume escapade.....The "event" took place last night and this time one of my friends joined us.  It started with my client "Jim" sending me a message earlier in the day asking me to invite a friend to join us.  He wanted two sexy school girls to play with.  I immediately contacted my close friend and colleague, Mercedes.  She was very much up for it.  We often work together when clients request a bit of girl on girl action, and we both get great pleasure from it.

Mercedes is the epitome of sexy.  She has long raven hair, full lips, firm tits, a lovely round arse and sexy feline eyes.  I have had a major crush on Mercedes since we first met and I know she feels the same about me. We perform very well together.  Often we both forget we are working and really get into it.  She can make me cum quite easily, and I love returning the favour.

Anyway, back to last night....Mercedes came over and we dressed together.  She wore black lace knickers and bra, and I wore white lace knickers and bra.  We both wore little white school shirts and tiny mini skirts.  We completed our innocent looks with girly hairstyles and pink lip gloss.  While we were waiting for Jim to arrive, we thought we might as well get in the mood, so we started teasing each other by flashing our knickers and pussies when we sat opposite each other.  I kept the room cool so our nipples would harden and show through the flimsy materials of our bras and shirts.

Soon there was a knock at the door.  Our man had arrived. I let him in and introduced him to Mercedes.  I could tell he was turned on at the sight of us both.  Right away he suggested we start by having a playful pillow fight on the bed while he sat on a chair at the end of the bed and watched us. He wanted us to pretend we didn't know he was there. 

We giggled (like schoolgirls) as we fooled around on the bed.  Soon our shirts were open and our skirts were pulled up.  Our sexy audience of one was holding his throbbing cock in his hand as he suggested we get a little sexy with each other and start kissing.  We did as he asked and both of us were very aroused. I could feel my pussy getting wet as I kissed Mercedes on her gorgeous full lips.  She began gently caressing my breasts and nipples and soon had my shirt off and one side of my bra pulled down so she could suck my nipple.

Soon both of us had removed our shirts and skirts and there was only our flimsy bras and knickers left.  I pulled her black lace thong to the side so that her juicy pussy was exposed to both me and Jim.  I could hear his breathing quicken as he wanked and watched.  I slid a finger inside her, causing her to moan with pleasure.   It wasn't long before we were both totally naked. 

Mercedes continued to play with my nipples so I started fingering myself as well as her.  I had pussy on each hand, my own wet cunt slippery and swollen, ready to be fucked, her tight cunt practically gripping my fingers as I pushed them in and out.

Finally our man joined us, pushing his cock into my dripping cunt and ordering Mercedes to sit on my face.  I licked and sucked at her pussy while she moved her hips and moaned with pleasure.  Before I knew it I was cumming over and over again, my cries muffled by Mercedes' cunt.  Eventually I quietened down, and then it was her turn.  He slipped his cock into her and fucked her hard and fast.  It wasn't long before she was screaming in ecstasy.  Just before he came he pulled out, letting his hot cum spray over both of us.

But that wasn't the end.  Even though he was done, Mercedes and I spent a little longer playing with each other.  I gently stroked her cunt as she caressed my tits.  Our movements became lighter and slower, as we slowly fell asleep in each others arms.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Dress Me Up....

Have you ever tried dressing up for sex?  I’m not talking about wearing sexy underwear, high heels or a nice dress.  I’m referring to role play and actual costumes.  You’d be surprised by the number of people who are into dressing up.  I have loads of clients who do it.  Most of them are totally normal and lead totally normal lives.  Some are Doctors, some are teachers, some are police men, and the majority are just your average office worker.

The types of costumes and the level of role play required can really vary, but the most interesting are the ones who really get into it.  For example, I have a client who likes to dress as a young boy.  He wears shorts, a t-shirt and a baseball cap.  He asks me to dress as a stern teacher.  I wear a shirt, a pencil skirt, I put my hair up in a bun and I wear glasses.

While my “student” sits at a desk in the middle of the room, I stand at one end, and pretend to teach him to spell.  Every time he gets a word wrong I tell him how naughty he is until, eventually, I ask him to come to the front and kneel on the floor in front of me.  He does as I ask and I bend over so that he can see down my top.  I tell him that in order to pass the class he will have to please me in other ways. 

I make him undress in front of me and wank for a while.  When he looks like he’s enjoying it a little too much I make him stop and undress me.  Then I make him finger me.  First he uses one finger, then I demand he use two, then three….eventually I make him stop and demand he begin licking my cunt.  If he does it a little too hard or a little too soft I slap him and tell him to do it better.  He really gets off on it.  It doesn’t take long before he is cuming just from licking my pussy and getting slapped a few times. When I feel his hot semen splatter on my thighs I make him wipe it away with his clothes and tell him to leave.

I have another client who likes me to dress as a police woman.  I wear a very tight, short navy blue skirt, with a tight white shirt with the top buttons already undone so that my generous cleavage is on display.  He wears nothing but his boxer shorts and pretends to be my prisoner.  He wants me to push him around a bit, tell him off, hit him with my truncheon (but not too hard!), suck my tits and fuck me.  If he doesn’t make me cum he is punished.  The punishment varies, but is generally a pain based punishment such as whipping, pinching, occasionally burning and cutting.  The guy is into a bit of pain.

There are so many different costumes and role play options around.  It is certainly not something I could ever get tired of.  I’ve dressed up as a stripper, a nun, a nurse, a Dr, a teacher, a secretary, a police officer, a sailor girl, but I think my favourite is when I have to dress as a school girl.  Later this week I’m seeing my school girl role play client…I’ll tell you all about the things he makes me do and the things he does to me….watch this space.  

Friday, 14 September 2012

A Fuck in the Park....

I have a "fuck buddy". He's a friend of mine and very, very, VERY sexy.  He actually reminds me of the guy I wrote about in my last blog.  He has dark hair, blue eyes, full lips and a beautiful cock.  We often hang out when I'm not working and go out  for a drink or dinner and we always end up fucking.  The sexual chemistry between us is intense.

Only a few days ago we had some really fantastic sex.  We met at a local bar.  I was feeling extra sexy that day, and wore a very tight, white dress with nothing underneath.  My nipples were visible through the thin material and I think you could even make out the slit down the middle of my pussy.

We sat close together on the stools by the bar.  The music was loud so we had to lean in to each other to be heard.  The feel of his warm breath on my neck gave me goosebumps along my arms and made my nipples rock hard.  I know he noticed this, he kept looking down at my tits and occasionally "accidentally" brushed his hand or arm against them.

Soon the topic of conversation turned to sex.  This and the alcohol was making me so horny.  I couldn't help parting my legs when I faced him, hoping he'd catch a glimpse of my cunt.  I could see his cock growing stiff under his jeans which made me feel even more aroused.  Soon I could feel my pussy begin to get wet.  I took hold of his hand and guided it between my legs, pressing his fingers against my naked clit.

He began to slide his fingers up and down my pussy and then pushed them inside me.  Two or three at a time, he pushed them into my wet cunt.  I could feel myself getting even wetter, hornier and I closed my eyes and moaned softly.  I desperately needed his cock inside me.  Unconsciously I lifted my hand and started to stroke my nipples.  This went on for a little while, until we were asked to leave the bar due to our explicit behaviour!

Having been expelled from the local drinking establishment, we knew we couldn't wait to get back to my place so we took a walk through the park.  The place was mostly deserted so rather than look for somewhere to hide while we fucked, we just settled on the grass in the middle of the park.  I was on my back and he was kneeling in front of me.  My knees were bent and my legs slightly parted. I could feel the cool air on my still wet pussy.

He lowered his head and began to gently lick my cunt.  His tongue was feather light, it almost tickled.  He softly licked me from my arse to my clit, over and over, eventually ending this with a gentle tapping of his tongue just around and on my clit.  He began to finger me at the same time. I could feel my body tingling and thrust my pussy against him so that his fingers pushed harder into me and his tongue pressed firmly against my throbbing clit.

He licked my cunt for so long.  The combined sensations of the licking, the fingering and the tapping brought me to orgasm so many times. I actually thought I was going to die from multiple orgasms!  Eventually he slowed down and stopped.  He kissed my mouth and I could taste the tangy fluid from my cunt on his lips.  I held his cock in my hand and began to wank him.  He moaned with pleasure and asked me to suck it so I obliged.

Now he was laying on his back in the grass and I was knelt in front of him, my arse in the air and my mouth wrapped around that beautiful cock.  I sucked his cock for a while.  Using my hand and tongue to tease him so that he almost came a number of times, but not letting him actually climax.  I wasn't ready for it to be over just yet. I wanted to feel his cock inside my dripping cunt.  I wanted to feel his pubic bone press against my clit. I wanted to feel his lips around my nipples.  I wanted to be fucked really hard.

Soon a couple who had been walking through the park saw us and stopped to watch.  I could feel their eyes on my pussy and arse.  I could hear them moving closer to us for a better view so I continued to suck cock for a little longer before slowing and eventually stopping.  I climbed onto him now, pushing my cunt down over his cock, feeling the tingle inside me as his hard prick entered me. 

We fucked each other hard, like animals, breathing fast and moaning with pleasure.  My clit was rubbing against his body, his cock was deep inside me.  I came over and over again.  Throughout this I could hear the heavy breathing and moans of our audience and soon suggested they join us.  Now we were all fucking and crying out with pleasure.  I had a cock up my pussy and another in my mouth.  I was stroking the tits of this other woman as she fingered herself and I just had to taste her cunt.

I withdrew from the cocks and pulled this woman closer to me, her blond hair fell around her face, she looked young, angelic, but clearly was not.  She was completely naked and her dark nipples teased my lips and tongue.  I licked her tits and then her stomach.  I felt her hand against the back of my head as she gently guided my face to her cunt.  Her pussy was soft and her pink clit pushed her lips apart, exposed and ready to be tasted.

Meanwhile the two men were watching us and wanking.  We were putting on a show for the boys now, and we wanted to impress.  I licked and sucked her pussy while fingering myself.  My tits bounced and brushed against her thighs and the soft grass beneath us.  Her soft moans turned me on even more and so I began to lick faster.  I stopped fingering myself and slid my wet fingers inside her instead.  I could feel her coming over my lips, I felt her juices enter my mouth and hungrily licked, sucked and swallowed.

As she was cumming in my mouth I felt a hot hard cock enter me from behind, the unexpected thrusting sending me immediately to orgasm.  Hot cum began to splatter over our bodies as her boyfriend wanked himself to orgasm.  Now we were all cumming at the same time.  Moans and groans of pleasure filled the silent park, our naked bodies entwined.  Tits, cocks, cunts and arses were everywhere.  Wet and throbbing.  What an experience.


Saturday, 8 September 2012

Real Sex

Very recently I had an encounter with a new client which left me feeling kind of warm inside.  By this, I mean happy and content, the way you feel after you've made love to someone you care about.  Very strange, I know.  He was paying me to do it, but the way he touched me made me feel loved.  His fingers were so light against my skin.  His tongue was so gentle. 

It was early on a Sunday evening.  I had had a relaxing afternoon with my friends,  drinking wine and sharing our latest sex stories.  One of the girls was telling us all about her most recent fling with another woman
 who was obsessed with sucking her nipples and the other was talking about a man she'd recently fucked who had such an enormous cock, she couldn't actually move while being fucked by him. His cock wasn't even halfway in before it was hitting the back wall of her cunt, making her cry out in a combination of pleasure and pain.

Anyway, I received a call on my mobile asking me if I was free that evening.  The voice on the other end of the phone was soft and gentle but at the same time very deep, very masculine.  I told him I was available and we arranged for him to see me at 7pm.  Already I could tell this was going to be different. I was really looking forward to this one.  I bathed, I moisturised, I smoothed a scented cream all over my body.  I let my hair dry naturally, so that small curls and ringlets fell around my face and shoulders.  I  dressed in a red lace bra and matching lace thong, and over this I threw on a black silk kimono.

I had just managed to spritz perfume over my body when the buzzer went. He was here and I felt nervous. I felt as if my date had arrived.  To calm my nerves I had a large gulp of cold white wine, then I answered my door.  He was as beautiful and sexy as I had imagined.  His hair was dark, his eyes were blue and his lips were full.  This guy was sexy and I couldn't wait to tear his clothes from his body.

I offered him a drink. He declined. He said he had been looking forward to this moment and he wanted to see me naked, so I slipped off the kimono and stood for a moment in my lingerie as he admired my big, round tits, my tiny waist and the curve of my pussy.  I unhooked my bra and let it fall to the floor.  Next I slipped off my panties and turned slowly around so he could admire my curves from all angles.

He took a step towards me and then peeled off his tight white t-shirt.  His muscles flexed as he removed his jeans.  He was standing in front of me in nothing but his tight boxer shorts. His cock was already hard and he put his hand over it and slowly began to wank himself through his underwear.  I could see the wetness seeping through the material at the tip of his cock and just had to get closer.  I wrapped my hand around his wrist and pulled him toward me so that his cock was almost touching my bare pussy.

I could feel his hot breath in my hair.  Quickly I slid his boxers over his hips, releasing his throbbing cock.  I bent down so that my face was in line with his rod.  I parted my lips and let him enter my mouth.  His cock felt warm and hard.  I could feel the end of it touching the very back of my throat and I began to move my mouth up and down the length of this hot, hard cock. I followed this movement with my hand so I was wanking him as I was sucking him off at the same time and began to cup his balls with my other hand.

I sucked his cock for a while, sometimes speeding up, sometimes slowing down, sometimes with my hand as well as my mouth and sometimes just with my mouth.  My tongue traced the thick veins that throbbed down the length of his rod and gently flicked the tip.  As he started to move his hips faster I could taste the hot saltiness of the pre-cum that was now seeping from his cock in larger quantities.  I slowed down the pace and then slowly let his cock slide from my lips.  I stood up and let my hard nipples lightly brush against his chest and led him toward the bedroom.

We faced each other for a moment then began to kiss.  His full lips were soft against mine and his tongue gently probed, exploring my mouth.  I imagined that tongue tracing the wet folds of my pussy, softly entering and fucking me.  I let myself slowly sink onto the bed and lay down so that his body was over mine.  I could feel his cock pressing against the lips of my cunt so I parted my legs further and thrust my pussy towards him.  I felt it press against my cunt and then a slight moment of pain as his hot, hard cock entered me.  I almost came.

I began to grind my hips so that my clit was pressing against his pubic bone, rubbing up and down while his prick moved in and out of my dripping pussy.  My nipples became harder and suddenly I was so wet it felt as though his cock might slip out.  I made him fuck me harder, deeper, so that my clit was almost hurting and then I felt the tingle and hotness spread over my body, originating in my cunt and around my clit.  My body convulsed as my heart pounded and my breathing became a series of long, breathy sighs and moans.  I could feel his cock begin to throb.  His muscles were tensing as he thrust even faster and let out a moan as he pumped his hot cum into me.

Finally we slowed our thrusting and breathing. Our moans of pleasure subsided and we lay next to each other, against each other, and recovered.  Both dripping with sweat, we eventually sat up, and said our goodbyes.  I hope there will be a repeat of this.

Friday, 31 August 2012


I'm an exhibitionist.  I get great enjoyment out of flashing my tits and pussy at strangers in public places.  I like to wear short dresses and very high heels.  I don't  wear any panties or a bra, and I spend a lot of time bending over in front of people, or sitting in front of people and parting my legs so that my bare pussy is on display.

My pussy is small, compact, and totally hairless.  My outer lips are fair, like the rest of my body and the folds of flesh inside those lips are juicy and ruby coloured. My pussy gets wet very easily. Just the thought that the people opposite me can see my cunt gets my juices flowing and causes my nipples to grow hard.

My tits are large, round and soft.  My nipples are small, perfectly centred and pink.  They are erect a lot of the time.  I like wearing see through tops and dresses, so the darkness of my nipples can be seen through my clothing.  Sometimes in public places I've purposely spilt water down the front of myself so that my nipples can be seen through the material even more clearly. 

I take pleasure in the way men and women stare at me.  I can see the men's cocks growing hard under their jeans.  I notice the women's nipples stiffen and press against their clothes.  This gives me a warm feeling in my pussy.  My clit tingles and I can't help but spread my legs even further so that the soft, pale lips are parted and my hot, wet cunt can be seen.

Sometimes I get so turned on I need to touch myself.  I rest my hand at the top of my thigh, parting my legs further still, and then begin to lightly run my finger up and down the length of my insatiable pussy.  I use my other hand to push the strap of my dress off my shoulder and I let the dress drop so that the top of my nipple can be glimpsed. 

I continue to stroke my cunt a little longer and then I slowly draw my hand away.   I sit like that for a moment, my legs apart with my pussy and nipple on display.  Then I leave. I stand and walk away, knowing that all eyes are on me.  I can't wait to get home to my vibrators and beads......I need to finish myself off and I have a selection of sexy toys to use on myself.......But that's another story.......

Friday, 24 August 2012

Fucking with food....

Sometimes when I eat certain foods I think about the various ways in which they can be used during sex.  There are people I know who get very excited at the prospect of using food for increased sexual pleasure.  I don't mind the odd bit of food play, as long as its tasteful.

There is a man likes to cover my body in warm melted chocolate and slowly lick it from my skin.  He begins by smearing it over my naked stomach.  He starts at the top, by my ribcage, and he slides his chocolate coated fingers slowly down towards my pussy.

He slowly and gently flicks his tongue over my chocolate covered skin, down my rib cage, over my belly button, until I'm licked clean and I can feel the heat of his breath by my cunt.  He dips his finger in the chocolate again and then slides it inside me, coating the walls of my cunt with sweet, dripping chocolate.  He lowers his mouth to the lips of my pussy and gently sucks and probes, tasting the chocolate and causing me to get wetter and wetter, until I have to have him inside me. I pull him upwards, by the shoulders, so that we are face to face, and wrap my legs around his hips.  He enters me with his hot, hard cock....

Cream.  Smooth and cool on your skin, it feels and tastes delicious.  A gentleman I regularly meet for sex occasionally likes to introduce various items during foreplay.  He doesn't always use food, but when he does he uses it in a way that makes me think about fucking him almost every time I eat, especially when I'm eating something with cream.

I think about the way he slowly drizzles ice cold cream onto my hard, hot nipples and then licks it off with his warm, wet tongue making me moan with pleasure.  He lets the cool cream drip over my pussy.  The thick white liquid oozing between the folds of pink flesh, rivulets of cream caressing my cunt.  As the cream mixes with the juices of my pussy he slides his throbbing cock deep inside me and thrusts until his own juices are released and mixed with the creamy pussy juice.

I guess I get more excited at the thought of food during sex than I first realised.  Just writing about these hot encounters has made my nipples hard and clit tingle.....

Friday, 17 August 2012


Bondage.  Imprisonment, captivity, confinement, servitude, enslavement, enthralment.  Bondage is brilliant.  It's exciting, it's empowering and it's something I am paid very well for.  I could never allow a client to "perform" the act on me.  I couldn't put myself in such a vulnerable situation, however I have no problem enslaving a man.  Some of them want to be tied up and fucked, some want to be handcuffed and spanked, some want to be chained and whipped.

I know of one man who likes to have his wrists and ankles tied to the bed posts.  He likes to be laid out like a starfish.  In addition to the wrists and ankles being tied up, he also likes to be gagged and blindfolded.  Naked.  My role is to torment him.  I begin by softly flicking the tips of his toes with my tongue and then slowly sliding over the top of his feet towards his ankles.  From there I trace my tongue up his leg, slowing as I reach his groin.  The bonds that hold his ankles and wrists in place mean that his legs are stretched apart.  I lick his balls, take them in my mouth and very, very gently suck for a moment before releasing.  I take his massive cock in my mouth and slide up and down but every time he starts to convulse in a prelude to cuming I move away....I do this for an hour.....I torment him and I never let him cum.

I know of another man who insists on wearing a mask.  You know the type I mean, the leather and the zips...He needs me to burn his nipples with the melting wax of a burning candle.  I have to let it drip slowly, allowing him to savour each and every fiery droplet.  His nipples immediately redden, tightening and contracting.  I continue to drip the hot wax over him until both nipples are encased.  Then I move the candle slowly down his body towards his hard, throbbing cock.  I let the burning liquid fall over his sensitive skin.  He howls in pain and eventually cums.  His hot semen mixing with the even hotter wax.

My favourite bondage man is the one who likes to keep it simple.  He just wants a bit of domination - nothing too serious or naughty.  I loosely tie his wrists but I leave his legs free.  He isn't blindfolded or gagged.  Just gently restrained.  He prefers to lay on his stomach and I begin by gently licking his arse.  I press my tongue between his cheeks and feel for his tight arsehole.  He will usually start to wriggle, as if he doesn't want me to press any any harder. But I'm persistent, I know he really does want me to lick his arsehole, to force my tongue inside.

I probe deeper, I can feel the tight muscles begin to give way to my firm tongue.  I feel the heat and the softness of the inside of his arsehole.  His body stiffens and I suddenly withdraw my tongue and roughly shove my finger where my tongue had just been.  My saliver has left it moist and my finger slides in. I probe and I stroke until I feel the softness of his G-spot....He cums with such force I can feel his arsehole contracting around my finger.  The sheet beneath him growing wetter and warmer.

Duress, subjugation, serfdom, subjection, thraldom, bondage.  Brilliant.

Thursday, 16 August 2012


One of my most recent sexual encounters, not related to work as such, took place in a public toilet, the kind with one lavatory and one stall.  I was looking out my bedroom window, watching a construction crew across the street.  They were digging up part of the road for some reason.  They were all quite muscular and were working with their shirts off.  After a little while they noticed me watching them from my window and started making catcalls and a few jeers, but I wasn't bothered.  I was interested in one of them in particular.

He was gorgeous with a golden tan, defined muscles, firm looking arse, golden curly hair and a strong rugged face.  He kept glancing my way as I continued to watch him work.  That went on for a few days.  I started waving to him when the crew arrived in the mornings, and watched him as often as I could.  Whenever I drove past him on my way home I'd wave and he'd wave back and give me a wink.

Finally, last Friday he stopped my car and asked me my name.  I told him and he told me his was Leon.  I then suggested lunch and agreed to meet in a little cafe down the road. Lunch was nice, but it was hard to focus on the food with Leon in front of me.  I was really turned on by this guy and started squirming in my seat as I felt my wetness start to spread.  He leaned forward a little and I felt his hand under the table, sliding up my thigh towards my juicy wetness.  His hand just reached my wet cunt and he stroked his fingertips along it.

I gave up trying to concentrate on the meal and suggested we go back to my place via the "back way" (which is a long deserted hallway where the toilets are).  I stopped in front of the ladies room and told him I was going in - I couldn't wait any longer.  Quickly we entered the stall, kissing and fondling each other.  He turned me around, lifted my skirt and pulled his cock from his pants.  From behind he slid his cock around my crack and over and around my juicy cunt.  I was bent over with one hand on my knee and one hand on the wall and I could barely stand the excitement, knowing that at any second he was going to plunge his thick throbbing cock into my willing, wet pussy.

Finally he stuck it in. It was ecstasy.  He pumped and ground in a circular motion and then changed suddenly to hard thrusts.  It didn't take long for us both to cum as he was stroking my clit the whole time he was fucking me.  We shuddered as our bodies stiffened and our backs arched as we both groaned with pleasure.  Silent except for hour heavy breathing, we began to dress each other, caressing and lingering.  He kissed me gratefully and then walked me to my car with a lusty look in his eyes that promised more delicious lunches.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Good Client....

There are clients who are particularly attractive and there is one particular client who is very well endowed.  He’s sexy.

When I wrap my hand around his hard on I can feel the heat radiating from his skin.  I can feel the pulse of the thick vein that runs the length of his throbbing prick.  He’s always hard, even after he fucks me.  His cock is like a steal rod.

When he wants to see me we meet at a restaurant and he buys me dinner.  We eat, we drink wine and then he takes me to a hotel.  The room is always luxurious.  Once there he pours me a drink.   Usually a glass of champagne, sometimes white wine.  As I sip my drink he begins to unbutton his shirt.  My eyes follow his fingers down his body.  He slips the shirt from his broad shoulders and then unbuttons and unzips he jeans.

As he steps out of the denim, his long, thick cock presses against the fabric of his boxer shorts.  The slippery hot pre-cum soaking through the tight white cotton of the shorts.  He runs his fingers up the length of it and peels back the material revealing the smooth skin.  Placing my glass on the table, I begin to undress myself.  I remove my dress, and I’m wearing nothing underneath. 

As the cool air settles on my naked skin, I feel my nipples tighten, erect and red.  I have allowed my legs to draw apart and can feel the air on my pussy as well.  My lips are slightly parted and the moist folds of my cunt are tingling. 

Finally he is touching me.  His strong fingers firmly grasp my wrist as he guides me to the bed.   I lay back and he kneels on the floor in front of me with his head between my legs.  He slides his tongue lightly up the length of my pussy, starting at my arse and ending above my clit.  He repeats this action a few more times and then slips his tongue inside my pussy, fucking me with his mouth.  Just to make sure I cum, he tickles my clit with his fingers, increasing the pressure until I’m moaning and thrusting uncontrollably.

By now I desperately need to feel his solid cock inside me and I pull him up my body, so that we are face to face, his cock against my wet cunt.  His muscular chest pressing against my tits.  I love the feel of his hot breath in my face and on my throat.  I can feel him pressing his cock against me as the tip of his long, thick prick finally enters me.  He thrusts hard and I can feel the girth of his dick stretching my cunt, forcing my lips apart.  I can feel his balls slapping against my arse. 

He fucks me like this for a while.  I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter.  His cock slides more easily in and out and then he slows down, grips my arms and rolls us over.  Now he is on his back and I am straddling him.  I grind my cunt against his pubic bone, stimulating my clit, and he reaches up and strokes my nipples as his hips gyrate.  Faster and faster we move, his cock deep inside me, my clit pressed hard against him. 

We change positions again.  This time I am on my knees and he is behind me.   He fucks me hard and fast.  His hands hold my hips and I stick my arse into the air.  His balls hit my clit this time, stimulating me just enough to bring me to orgasm again.  I moan with pleasure as he thrusts faster and faster until he shoots his load deep inside me. 

I leave the hotel with a smile on my face.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fantasy Time....

One of my favourite sexual fantasies, which has yet to come true, is about two of my closest male friends  who I am very attracted to, Peter and Chris.  In my fantasy Peter and Chris decide to surprise me for my birthday by taking me to a cottage near a beach for the weekend.  Just the three of us are there to celebrate all weekend.  We go swimming most of the day and lie out in the sun  As we are walking back to the cottage, Peter tells me that he and Chris have another surprise for me.  They are going to tease and fuck me until I can't take anymore. 

So we get to the cottage and go in and sit in front of the fireplace.  We drink Champagne and talk about sex.  Needless to say, by the time we have finished the Champagne the three of us are so horny that there are no other thoughts but getting off and having a great time doing it.  We decide to strip off and have some fun....

Peter starts kissing me and playing with my nipples, and Chris is kissing his way down to my cunt.  Peter is kissing my tits and telling me how beautiful I am and Chris is licking my pussy.  You can hear the slurping noise.  Then he looks up, pauses and smiles and dives back down.  I'm going crazy.  I have one man sucking my tits and one man sucking my cunt.  As I'm getting ready to come, I'm thrashing all over the floor, but both of them hold on and never miss a lick.  What an orgasm!  My whole body is alive and tingling from being touched and petted all over by four hands and two mouths.

As Chris lies back to catch his breath, I scramble around and get down on my hands and knees and take his wonderful, hard throbbing cock in my hands and lick all over that beautiful cock.  As I really get into sucking him off, Peter gets behind me and enters me, which really gets me going.  Peter is thrusting his cock in and out of my dripping cunt, I'm sucking Chris's cock for all I'm worth.  As Chris starts to reach orgasm, it makes me worse.  So when Chris starts flooding my throat with his delicious cum, I'm coming and squeezing Peter's cock, and then all that wetness, and hot, clutching cunt brings Peter right over the edge, and we all collapse in orgasm.

The idea of both these men, whom I love very much, sharing me and fucking me together is the biggest turn on there is for me.  No one else knows about this yet....

Monday, 16 July 2012

Day One....

I love my job.  A lot of people disagree with prostitution and the sex industry. They think that all women who work as hookers are in some way being taken advantage of and controlled. That may be true in some cases, but I chose this path.  I want to make money out of doing something I love.

How did I first get involved? I was young, I was headstrong, determined. I knew exactly what I wanted.  I wanted to be fucked as often as possible. I wanted money.  I wanted men and women to want me.  I wanted to suck cock and be fucked for a living.

I didn’t answer any ads in the paper and I didn’t work for anyone else.  I used my initiative.  I bought myself some very sexy lingerie.  I wore my tightest dress, with a neckline so low it gave new meaning to the word plunging, and I placed myself outside one of the classiest hotels in London.  Although a few cabbies thought I needed a lift, no one asked me if I’d fuck them for money so I went to the hotel bar and bought myself a cocktail.  I bought myself a Long Island Iced Tea.  Long, cool, sparkling.

I waited until I could find a man who was obviously alone and on business.  It isn’t difficult to spot the type.  A suit, a wedding ring, five o’clock shadow, drinking on his own but clearly checking out the talent.  Too late to be just an after work drink. I sat myself next to one.  It doesn’t take much to get the attention of a man on the prowl….I glance at him, then lower my gaze, taking in the length of his torso, the bulge of his cock and balls, the girth of his muscular thighs.  I always smile at this point.  I know he’s looking for something, a reaction. 

It is usually about now that the gentleman in question will strike up a conversation.  I won’t bore you with the details of this one.  The conversations always tend to be the same.  There wasn’t anything different about this one.

Having established he was after some fun and was willing to pay, we took the elevator to his room.  Using only a lamp for illumination, we undressed in the shadows, slowly peeling off the layers item by item.  He was naked and I was in a sheer, pink balconette bra and matching thong.  My nipples pressing against the soft net of the fabric, dark and inviting.  My full breasts were spilling over the top. I took a step toward him.  His cock was hard, erect, pointing up, with just a thin string of pre-cum dripping from the end.

I knelt in front of him and took his firm prick in my hand.  My other hand was lightly caressing his arse cheeks, brushing over the space in between and moving lower, eventually brushing against the back of his balls.   I leant in closer, wrapping my lips around his cock, sucking and wanking simultaneously but he pulled me back up so that I was standing before him.  Roughly, he drew me closer, my chest against his.  He tore my bra from my body, letting my tits fall against the coarse hair of his chest.  He licked his lips then he licked mine.

Pulling the middle of my tiny g-string to the side of my wet, warm cunt, finally he fucked me.  His mad and relentless thrusting drove me wild until I was screaming with absolute, uncontrolled passion.  My body convulsed as I climaxed.  I was shaking now, and I could feel his cock throbbing inside me.  He worked faster, harder, pounding away at my cunt with his massive dick until I felt the spunk shoot out.  Our breathing slowed as our bodies relaxed.  We were sweating.  It was like any other sexy encounter, except this time I was being paid to do it.  I love my job.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Fucking Couples…One of My Favourite Things

I was recently asked by a client if I would let him bring his wife to one of our sessions so that she could fuck a woman.  This isn’t the first time a client has done this, and it always gets me excited.  There’s nothing quite like a woman tasting pussy for the first time.  Just thinking about it makes me wet. 

First I’m going to undress her husband and touch his cock in front of her.  I want her to feel jealous and I want her to feel sexy.  I’ll wank him for a little while, I’ll lick and kiss his neck, then his chest, his stomach and finally his cock and his balls.

Once he’s really ready to fuck I’m going to leave him to pleasure himself while he watches me undress his wife.  I’ll run my fingers lightly down her arm, I’ll take her hand in mine for just a second and then I’ll begin undressing her. 

I’ll do this slowly, with my eyes locked to hers.  I’ll talk to her in a whisper, telling her how sexy she is, how I love her tits and how I can’t wait to lick her wet cunt and tight arsehole. 

When she’s naked I’ll undress myself. I’ll tell her I want her to feel my tits, my hard nipples.  I’ll make her lick them and I’ll make her suck them.  I’ll take her by the hand and lead her to the bed where I’ll ask her to lay down with me.  We’ll kiss and feel each others tits.  I’ll slide my fingers in and out of her hot, pink pussy. 

Meanwhile, her husband will be forced to watch all of this but we won’t let him join in, yet.  He has to watch and wank.  He has to watch me lick his wife’s pert nipples, watch me lightly stroke her cunt with my tongue.  This always turns me on.  I want him to suffer, I want her to moan with pleasure and then I want them both to fuck me...

Him, with his rock hard cock pounding away at my arse, and her, forcing her tongue into my cunt.  I’ll make them do this until I cum and then it’s my turn to fuck her. She’ll lie on her back with her legs spread and I’ll fuck her with my huge, pink, rubber dildo.  While she’s moaning with pleasure her husband will caress my nipples, then he’ll move on to hers, then back to me.  Eventually I’ll remove the dildo and finally her husband can finish her off, fucking her so hard we’ll be able to hear his balls smacking against her arse, while I use the dripping, wet dildo to fuck myself. 

I’m counting down the days to this meeting…I love fucking couples.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I want to Suckmore....

Yesterday I had the most amazing encounter with a new client.  He was so sexy and strong, he left me wanting more….

The minute he entered the room I could feel the sexual tension.  He had such broad shoulders. He was so masculine.  In his deep, manly, voice he told me to stand up and unbutton my shirt. I was wearing a see-through, white silk top that draped and emphasised my hard, pink nipples. My shirt slid from my shoulders and fell to the floor.

I started to run my fingers lightly over my erect nipples and took a step towards this sexy hunk of a man.  But he raised his hand, signalling me to stop, then told me to take off my tight, very short, skirt.  I peeled off the skirt.  I wasn’t wearing any panties, just my stockings.

I let my hand slide down my stomach, down into the folds of my wet pussy and I rubbed my clit.  Finally my hunk stepped towards me.  He took hold of my free hand and pressed it against his enormous hard cock.  I moaned with pleasure and began to unbutton and unzip his jeans, releasing his cock from the confines of the tight denim.  He wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Desperate to feel his hard cock in my mouth, I knelt in front of him and began to wank him slowly. I let my lips settle lightly around the tip of his smooth shaft and gently traced my tongue around and around in gentle, ever widening circles, working my way down his dick, until my mouth was full. 

Sliding my lips up and down his cock, I moved faster and faster, flicking the head with my tongue.  Saliva and pre-cum combined and began to drip down my chin, lubing up his cock even more. Making my lips slide even faster up and down, up and down, until I could feel him shudder in anticipation of blowing his load down my throat.

He pushed me away, well, he tried, but I kept my firm hold of his rock hard penis between my full, soft lips.  I slowed down, letting my tongue glide up and down the length of his cock, making him shiver.  I wanted to suck his cock all night. 

Up and down, up and down, licking and sliding, slowly at first, then picking up the pace, faster, faster, faster, and then slow again, teasing, tormenting…..I could feel the force of his cum working its way up the shaft of his massive cock, hitting me hard in the back of my throat. I forced my lips lower, taking the whole of his cock in my mouth, in my throat.  His hot, sticky cum hit me, sliding down my throat and seeping from between my lips.  I swallowed as much as I could but the power behind that orgasm forced the hot cum to leak from my eager mouth. 

I sat up, letting his load drip over my lips, down my chin and neck, on to my tits…the majority of his hot cum tearing down throat…..I’ve never wanted anyone’s cock so badly…. 

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Last night...

My friend Kirsty came over, she's visiting me from Holland.

She's a classic Dutch - stunning, athletic build, fabulous pert tits and blonde hair that just grazes her perfect pink nipples.

We'd had a few drinks and Kirsty came back to my place with my equally filthy friend, Donna.

Kirsty was changing into her night dress when I took one look at her bare pussy right in front of me and immediately began kissing her. Kirsty returned the favour and reached down to start unzipping my pants. Breaking away from my kiss, she moved down to my huge 34 DD tits, licking my hard nipples, but I couldn't get her pussy from my mind.  I just had to lick her clit, making her to moan with pleasure. She reached down and pressed my hungry face deeper into her cunt.

Donna couldn't bare to just watch any longer, she joined in and took over licking Kirsty's now sodden pussy, sticking her fingers in her hot, warm hole. Kirsty screamed as she came, and even more as Donna swallowed her juices.

I pulled Donna on top of me, rubbing our big, heavy breasts against each other sending waves of pleasure through our bodies. I moved down her body and start sucking on her nipples harder and harder, biting and teasing, watching her moan with every nibble. Kirsty was fingering herself now, watching us, her cum leaking onto her thighs as she rubbed herself with the anticipation of Donna and me fucking.

I got up and knelt on all fours, wiggling my naked, hot body in Donna's face. She stuck her tongue into my cunt with such conviction I nearly exploded. First she circled my clit, then fucked me as hard as she could with her tongue, rubbing my crotch from behind.

Kirsty reached up to me and slid one her perfect long fingers in my tight, tidy ass hole. I was screaming and biting Kirsty's perfect pert tits, the pleasure was just too much. Within minutes I was convulsing so hard I just had to come. I exploded, moaning and writhing, my cum drenching Donna's face, making her scream out for more. She loved eating my pussy so much.

I laid back, chest heaving, my pussy pulsating. I needed a moment to recover, but just as I turned round I caught Donna and Kirsty going at it again! These girls are crazy, cum loving bitches!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Confessions of a sex addict....My first time

Hi, I'm Sarah. My friends at work call me Sarah Suckmore. That might give you an idea of what I do.

I'm a college graduate and I love sucking cock. I think about it constantly and I want to get my fill as often as I can.

I have a one track mind and am constantly looking for a new man to get me excited and to indulge me in my sexual fantasies.

It all started when I was just 18...

I was a secretary on my first job, working for a man I was hugely intimidated by. He was gorgeous! He was married but still very flirtatious, I found it infuriatingly sexy.

In the beginning it was just friendly hugging, then he would touch my ass and tell me how pretty I was and that he'd fantasised about fucking me. He made me horny as hell so I gave in and we kissed.  He started lifting up my shirt and fondling my tits, then he started sucking my nipples. By then I was so wet!  He unzipped my skirt and pulled down my panties, letting them fall to the floor, he started fingering me.  He started off slowly and then began increasing his speed.....OH GOD it felt so good!  In moments I was coming and trying not to scream.

A few days later he invited me into his office and bent me over his desk. His thick cock felt so good in my tight wet pussy.  He thrust his hard cock into me, at first slowly then getting faster and faster. We both came right there on his desk, his cum filling up my pulsating pussy.

Over the next couple of weeks we continued to fuck wildly and often, I wanted it ALL the time. I would start off by sucking him until he was crying out for me to let him slide it into my cunt. He would cum in me everytime and in every position, he would fuck me in the ass and in my pussy every chance he got. Every time was like the first time. We fucked anywhere that was available, in his office, on his desk, on the floor, motel rooms, his place, his car, bathrooms at work. He would suck and lick my wet pussy like it was the end of the world, always making me cum. He was even bold enough to fuck me and eat my pussy at his house in the bathroom while his wife was making dinner for them both.

And that was that, I've been hooked ever since!

Are you a sex addict? How did you get hooked? Was it as sexy as my first time?