Sunday, 23 December 2012

Santa's Little Helper

I was recently invited to a fancy-dress Christmas party.  The invitation was from a client, so it wasn't a social event for me, it's just all a part of the job :)  He asked me to wear a sexy Santa outfit, so of course I obliged. 

The party was in a very plush apartment, and the majority of the guests were men. Anyway, the party was fun. The apartment was gorgeous and very festively decorated.  There was an abundance of alcohol, tasty Christmas party food, and great music.  A little into the party, once everyone had mingled and had a few drinks, my date asked me to accompany him out onto the balcony.

We stepped out into the crisp night air and took in a breathtaking view of the city below us.  I was only wearing my little sexy Santa outfit, so I was a little chilly at first, but my sexy date soon took care of that....
First he just stood behind me, with his arms around me.  I could feel his body pressing against mine, the heat of his firm cock pushing against my arse.  I couldn't help but press my arse against his cock.  It wasn't long before he began to caress my breasts, his fingers slipping under the top of my low-cut Santa dress, brushing against my hard nipples. 

He pulled the top of my dress down further so that my tits were exposed to the cold air and he turned me around so we were facing each other.  The party was still in full swing on the other side of the glass doors separating us from the rest of the party.  With my tits on display I demanded he suck and lick them for  me.  I was hoping we could be seen, but I'm not 100% sure if anyone was able to see us. I like to think someone did.

Soon I was on my knees, his hard rod in my mouth.  His hips moved back and forth as he fucked my mouth.  His cock hitting the back of my throat with every thrust.  The salty taste of his semen mixing with my saliver.  Before I knew it, he had me facing the other way and was pulling down my knickers.  I bent over and he fucked me hard from behind.  This was one of the sexiest fucks I've ever had.  The sounds from the streets below, the noise from the party, the cool wind whipping against our bodies, and the possibility that other people could be watching was some kind of sexy sensory overload. I came almost immediately, and it wasn't long before he followed suit and I could feel his hot cum pumping into me.

Once we straightened ourselves up a bit, we rejoined the party.  I had a few more drinks, and shortly after I made my way home.  I was still feeling a little sexy after the balcony sex, so when I arrived home I couldn't help but lay naked on my cool sheets and gently run my fingers over my nipples and my wet pussy.  I slipped two fingers inside myself while I used the fingers on my other hand to rub against my clit. It felt hot and very, very wet. I was practically dripping.  I could feel the stickiness of my dates cum inside me.  My nipples began to tingle as my whole body shuddered and I came again, and again....

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Party No. 1

On Friday night I attended a client's company Christmas party.  The party was held at a very nice London hotel.  The food was just amazing.  The wine was of the finest quality.  The post party sex was even better.  My date had us booked into a lovely suite at the hotel, and it wasn't long before we left the party for some fun of our own.

As soon as we were in our suite I was naked and on my knees, sucking his cock.  I could feel his hips thrusting as I took him deeper and deeper into my throat.  Just as he sounded like he might be about to cum, I slowed down and stopped.  I let his slippery cock slide over my tits as I stood and then I turned around and bent over, inviting him to fuck me from behind. 

We fucked for a while in this position until he withdrew his throbbing cock.  I turned to face him and before I knew it, I was on my back on the soft king size bed, being fucked hard by him once again.  We fucked like this for hours.  By the time we stopped fucking my pussy was swollen and red, but it didn't end there....

We slept briefly before deciding to take a shower together.  The hot soapy water was such a turn on for us both, we fucked again and again and again.  I'm looking forward to the next Christmas party!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

It's Party Season!

I love this time of year. I look forward to the change in weather, the excuse to buy new clothes and sexy Christmassy lingerie, and I especially love the Christmas parties.

A lot of my clients are business men and often they pay me to attend parties and dinners with them. It's brilliant!  I love an excuse to dress up, to meet new people, to eat good food and to drink good wine.  These kinds of parties take place in lovely hotels and most of the time my "date" has a room or suite there. As you would expect, as the evening comes to an end we make our way upstairs and get up to all sorts naughtiness....

Some of the suites have the most amazing bathrooms with huge bath tubs that easily and very comfortably fit two, or even three, party-goers. 

Sometimes they have enormous beds with soft sheets and feather pillows. Perfect for slow, sensuous sex that goes on until the sun comes up.

Some of the hotels have THE most well stocked mini bars I've ever seen.  Ideal for getting lashed with a regular client and having wild sex all over the hotel (yes, the hotel - not just the suite).

Watch this space for my festive updates x

Sunday, 2 December 2012


About half of all my clients are men who are quite a lot older than me.  The oldest one must be in his late seventies and he's still very smooth and really quite sexy.

I was about nineteen the first time I found myself attracted to an older man.  He was my friend's stepfather.  Her name was Christy.  We did everything together, including our first girl on girl sexual experiences.  Her brother, Cam, spent a lot of time with us too.  I gave my first blow job to him.  But it was the sexy stepfather that I really wanted.

Christy and I met at school, and hit it off instantly.  She was stunning, with long blond hair, big blue eyes, full pink lips, and very nice tits.  Like me, she never wore a bra to school.  This is because our school shirts were very tight, white and quite thin which meant we were two very sexy school girls with our firm, young tits pressing against our tight shirts.  The darker circles of our nipples clearly visible to all of those horny older men. 

I started going to her house quite a lot after school.  They had a games room, with a bar, and an indoor swimming pool.  Often we would sneak away from school early and go to her place. We'd head straight for the bar and games room and pour ourselves generous drinks.  Then we'd play strip-pool.  Whoever lost had to remove two items of clothing.  It wasn't long before a lot of flesh was on display.  We were never really wearing much to start with.  I just loved being naked at her house. I knew her step dad could arrive home at any time, and this really excited me.

The white shirts would always come off first, so we'd be playing topless pool.  I enjoyed the sensation of my tits against the fabric of the pool table when I bent over to take a shot.  I always noticed that when I was bending over like this, Christy would often stand behind me.  I could feel her eyes on me.  My skirt was very short, and I was bent over so that my arse and the mound from the lips of my pussy could be seen.  I wore knickers at first, but they were always very sexy ones, You know, sheer lace or even a very sheer netting, so more of me could be seen.  I always wore a very flimsy thong so that my pussy lips could be seen as the thong would be mostly between them, instead of covering them.

But it wouldn't be too long before I lost another game and had to remove another item of clothing.  Those sexy knickers would go next.  Now my friend would be looking at my naked, wet pussy when I bent over to take a shot.  It was usually around this time that I could hear her father arriving home.  It would be dark by then, and we'd have the lights on, but we always left the curtains open.  Anyone standing outside would be able to see in, but we wouldn't be able to see out very well.

I knew he was watching us from the window.  As often as I could I would bend over to take my shot, knowing he would see my nipples bush the pool table or my pink pussy, depending on the end of the pool table I was taking my shot from.  As naughty as it sounds, I did wonder if he was watching Christy as well.  They weren't actually related, so it wasn't totally implausible.

Soon we would both be completely naked, a little drunk and a lot turned on. We'd finally hear Christy's step father open and close the front door, his footsteps down the hall as he walked toward the games room.  Neither of us would make a move to dress.  We'd just carry on playing naked pool while he entered the room, made himself a drink and watched us play.  This made me so horny.  I could the wetness of my pussy.  I imagined it glistening in the light, inviting his cool fingers, warm tongue and hot, throbbing cock to come closer.

Christy and I would giggle and flirt with each other and with him.  I could the outline of his cock through his trousers as he grew harder.  Sometimes, I felt his fingers lightly touch my cunt, the tips only just parting my lips, as I bent forward to line up a shot.  He never put them in any further.  By the end of the evening I would be so desperate to be touched. I could almost orgasm just by walking and bending over.  I would lay on my back on the pool table with my legs apart and and my fingers on my pussy until both he and Christy would join in and gently touch and lick my cunt.